Unkilled (Coop Update)

Pavel koten un coop 01
Pavel koten un coop 01 blockout
Pavel koten un coop 02
Pavel koten un coop 02 blockout

MADFINGER Games (2018) | mobile

My 2 maps contribution to recent Unkilled cooperative update. I was responsible for initial environment selection, blockouts, environmental modelling / UV mapping, set dressing, lighting, intro camera animations, optimizations (incl. collision layers), scripting gameplay objectives and helping design / tweak co-op game mechanics.

Please note that majority of texture maps and prop models (including vehicles) were done by other Unkilled artists, as the game was released in 2015 and I was trying to reuse as many assets as possible. Whole process from start to finish took about 2 months.
Credits for original Unkilled work goes to Radek Marek, Pavel Cizek, Jan Zamazal and Jan Kalous. Thanks!