Seed Hunter

Pavel koten 005 award
Pavel koten 001
Pavel koten 003
Pavel koten 004
Pavel koten 002
Pavel koten 007
Pavel koten 008
Pavel koten blockouts
Pavel koten blockout hallway
Pavel koten breakdown hallway
Pavel koten breakdown chamber
Pavel koten breakdown scene

SEED HUNTER is an environment package that we created in collaboration with Jan Zamazal and won 1st place in Unity "Inside The Vault" challenge:

You can download whole project for free on the Asset Store:

More in-depth look on the project development in the Dev Diary:

My part on this project were initial blockouts, modelling & texturing the intro corridor (except the floor, stairs and crates), some additional modelling on the main chamber and overall set dressing, lighting and post processing. I also animated, cut and sounded whole promotional cinematic seen above.