The Great Swamp

Small fan art scene I did for the Dark Souls challenge. Task was to depict one of the lands mentioned (but never shown) in the Dark Souls lore, and I picked The Great Swamp - a home of Pyromancers.

This was my first experience with Megascans libary (and some other photoscanned assets), which work pretty well with High Definition Render Pipeline in Unity. I was also experimenting little bit with procedural vegetation systems and Visual Effect Graph for particles. Character comes out of Character Creator 3 with some additional tweaks and posing directly in Unity.
However my main objective was again to practice more worldbuilding, composition, lighting and post processing.

Huge thanks to my friends for a valuable feedback!

In this piece I imagined the Temple of Eternal Flame - ruins of an ancient temple which have a forever burning fire inside. Adept Pyromancers are required to seek the Temple in swamp wilderness, where they perform last ritual of their scholarship and if successful, they are allowed to carry eternal flame and become a fulfilled Pyromancers.