Arrival (KitBash 3D)

Pavel koten final shot watermark
Pavel koten breakdown

Small practice project for the KitBash 3D cyberpunk contest - blockout, composing, materials setup, set dressing, lighting, postprocessing.
Rendered real-time in Unity 2019.2 using HDRP. Minimal finishing touches in Photoshop.

I took the free kit from KitBash 3D, made some quick edits in 3ds Max and just had a blast building and lighting the scene in Unity.
Minimum assets have been created from scratch (only hovercar and ads), as the goal was to build something in a time span of a few evenings.

Soldier character created by Maksim Bugrimov, I only made little texture edits in Substance Painter.

Huge thanks to my friends & colleagues for providing valuable feeback!